The History of Palmetto Ace Home Center

In 2005 the residents of Pawleys Island convinced the Georgetown Planning Commission that a “big box” store would not fit in their quaint community. We recognized the opportunity for an independently-owned home center, so we immediately started looking for the right store location! Too, we wanted to make sure our new building reflected the Pawleys Island look. Many people don’t know that Ace is a co-operative company owned by the individual Ace store owners. Unlike franchise models, Ace’s mission when it began 80 years ago was to provide support and good product pricing to a growing number of independent hardware retailers. Because the growth of “big box” retailers has forced so many small independent businesses to close, the Ace mission is even more important. Today there are more than 4,600 privately held Ace Hardware stores in the United States and around the world. We are happy to be one of those independent Ace retailers and feel privileged to be in such a beautiful location with a supportive customer base.

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